Tenancy Agreements are used worldwide to define the tenancy relationship, and this is also the case in Nigeria.

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What is a Tenure Understanding?

An Occupancy Understanding is an agreement between a Landowner and the Inhabitant which sets out the rights and commitments of both the Property manager and the Occupant when leasing property in Nigeria.

A Tenure Arrangement isn’t obligatory, and the way that an occupancy understanding doesn’t exist in a tenure relationship doesn’t imply that the Landowner and Inhabitant have no rights in the tenure. Both Landowner and Inhabitant have something many refer to as suggested rights in all Tenure connections whether an Occupancy Understanding exists. Notwithstanding, an Occupancy Understanding is significant on the grounds that it gives further insurance to both the Property manager and Inhabitant, and it develops the inferred rights.

In the event that you are a Landowner going to lease your property, or on the off chance that you are Inhabitant going to lease a property, it is prudent that you demand that there is a Tenure Arrangement.

Who makes the Occupancy Understanding?

In Nigeria, the Occupancy Understanding is much of the time made by the Property manager or their legal counselor. As the Landowner is the proprietor of the property, they set the terms on which they need to lease their property and present this to the Inhabitant. Nigeria Property Center has built up a help for Landowners where they can make their own Tenure Concurrence with the utilization of the NPC Record Administration.

Privileges of the occupant

As the Tenure Understanding is an agreement between two gatherings – the Property manager and the Inhabitant, the Occupant has the option to survey the provisions of the Tenure Consent to decide if the Arrangement ensures his/her advantages. Most Occupancy Arrangements are direct and straightforward; in any case, it is prudent where conceivable to get a legal advisor to survey the terms and exhort on what they mean for the Inhabitant’s current and future rights.

What an Occupancy Understanding ought to contain

As a Landowner or an Inhabitant, you need to guarantee that your Occupancy Understanding incorporates the accompanying terms and data at least:

the names and addresses of the Property manager and the Occupant

the location of the property

the beginning date and end date of the tenure

how much the lease will be

other material sums including – lawful expenses, office expenses, security stores, administration charges/charges and so on as pertinent

the commitments of both the Landowner and the Inhabitant

a blueprint of bills the Inhabitant is liable for

The above rundown isn’t thorough and indeed there are more terms that are every now and again remembered for all around drafted Tenure Arrangements. Prior to leasing a property, it is significant that an all around drafted Occupancy Arrangement is endorsed by the two players as it is the main report in the tenure relationship.

Where to get a Tenure Understanding

On the off chance that you are a Landowner or the Specialist of a Landowner keen on leasing your property in Nigeria, at that point it is significant that you make an Occupancy Understanding prior to leasing the property. Nigeria Property Center (NPC) in association with Lawpadi.com have made an online Tenure Understanding assistance for you to make your own Occupancy Arrangement yourself. You can discover more about how to do this by looking at My Archives in your record dashboard. On the off chance that you don’t have a record with NPC, at that point please register for one to have the option to utilize this assistance.

In the event that you are a future Occupant and your forthcoming Landowner has offered you a Tenure Consent to hint. You ought to consider talking with a legal counselor who will give you a speedy audit of the Tenure Understanding and exhort you on what it means for your privileges. You can discover more about booking a discussion with an Attorney on the Lawpadi.com site.

We trust you have discovered this data accommodating. Kindly note that this data is accommodated general educational purposes just and isn’t expected to be legitimate exhortation. No legal counselor customer relationship is shaped nor should any such relationship be inferred. It isn’t expected to fill in for the guidance of a certified legal advisor. On the off chance that you require legitimate exhortation, kindly talk with a certified attorney.