In three months’ time, we’ll welcome Christmas.People will come home from every part of the world.Young men from Malaysia.Young ladies from the UK.

They’ll come home to relax and see family members.

That’s not the only thing that will happen soon.Real Estate companies will begin to dish out promos.Buy one plot, get one free.

Christmas bonanza, buy ten plots, pay in installments.

These will be good deals……

But some of these will have loopholes.Fake property Agents will tap into the season and deceive vulnerable people into buying fake properties.

People will regret it. Some people’s Christmas holidays will end in premium tears.Don’t be one of them!

Discover how to spot a fake Agent by yourself.

Don’t be a chicken for Christmas.

This Sunday, 12th September 2021, let’s show you how.

Venue: Ogahlandlord Nigeria Facebook page

Time: 8pm

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