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Ogahlandlord Nigeria, as Nigeria's foremost Property Arena, bridges this gap by providing verified opportunities to list, rent, and buy property in Nigeria.


We have the aim of solving the compulsory payment plan from house agencies in the purchase of the property. We also provide easy and reliable ways to rent a house or buy property in Nigeria. As an added benefit, we provide you with complete consultation on setting up your new home.

Ogahlandlord creates a portfolio of real estate assets and manages them for investors and property owners. We will also buy, refurbish or build properties and sell them or hold them on rent over a period of time.

We will hold properties for landlords, and list them on our site, clients come to Ogahlandlord.com and chose a choice property, and we follow through until the client is satisfied, and we get a commission for our services.

Ogahlandlord follows a procedure to list properties on its site after having followed due diligence to ascertain the authenticity of the property. Over system equally, vet clients to get an understanding background before renting or selling properties to them.

The following are the main objectives of Ogahlandlord Nigeria.

  1. To invest in undervalued residential properties for the purpose of renovating or rehabilitation for immediate resale, or hold and rent the property thereby generating monthly income while obtaining market value appreciation over a long period.
  2. To increase transparency and accountability in the process of buying, renting and selling of properties in Nigeria.
  3. To increase revenue stream on a consistent level every year.
  4. To manage the portfolio of real estate assets.

Ogahlandlord Nigeria was founded in November 2019, born of the need to overcome the challenges clients face in buying property in Nigeria.



Our vision is to become a client-friendly and most trusted real estate company in Africa.


The mission of Ogahlandlord Nigeria is to create a portfolio of income-producing real estate assets over the years that will produce supplemental retirement income to the two principal owners.


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Our Teams

Our Team

We have got the best team in the world
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Casper Okpara Josiah

Chief Executive Officer

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Pastor Prince Okereke

Project Manager

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Rose Joseph-Ume

Content Creator

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Jubilee Rose


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Dynamite Zee

Brand Ambassador

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MC Bendel Isreal

Brand Ambassador

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Dr-Jerry Johnson ( Jerry Sax )

Brand Ambassador

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Mr. CMX - Igbo CNN

Brand Ambassador

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Reuel Zarah

Brand Ambassador